Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?2019-01-17T19:24:26+00:00

Our standard color is a powder coated gloss black with a clear coat applied for extra protection from the elements. However, we can special order a particular color as on option if requested.

What is the average time it takes from order date to delivery?2019-01-17T19:27:47+00:00

Each order is custom made and usually arrives within 30 days from ordering.

Why do we make both wheeled and non-wheeled versions?2019-01-17T19:21:51+00:00

Our standard wheeled version is our rollable frame system using commercial grade stainless steel locking caster wheels. We also offer a non-wheeled base version of our frame for customers who have permanent courts, but do not want or can’t drill into their concrete or other court surfaces.

Are C&D Pickleball Nets built to USAPA regulations?2019-10-08T06:43:41+00:00

Yes, the frames are built to the regulation standard of 22’, measured from the inside of the nets posts. They support the nets at 36” on the sides of the court and the center strap pulls the center down to the regulation height of 34”.

Will this help my game?2019-10-08T06:43:52+00:00

Having the right equipment to play and train on will always always help your game.  C&D’s Pickleball Net plays like the in-ground permanent nets we all like to play on. Our sturdy frame and high quality steel cable tensioner, provides the same consistent top net tension you get with the in-ground net posts.

Are C&D Pickleball Nets portable?2019-10-08T06:44:16+00:00

They are not light weight portable nets you disassemble and put into a small bag for storage.  Our heavy-duty frames are specifically designed to be left assembled indoors or outdoors and play just like permanent in-ground nets. So, although the stainless steel caster wheels make them very easy to roll on and off the court for multi-purpose courts, it’s not portable in the sense of taking it from one facility to another without some disassembly.

How long will C&D Pickleball Net last?2019-10-08T06:44:28+00:00

From the heavy gauge steel tube framework to our commercial grade stainless steel caster wheels, every piece of our nets is made with the highest quality components available. We have designed and tested our nets to provide you with many years of low maintenance service.

How easy is it to set up my C&D Pickleball Net?2019-10-08T06:43:01+00:00

Our system is designed to be assembled with common tools (¾” and ½” wrench for the wheels and a Allen wrench for the set screws). Following the supplied easy to follow instructions, one person can set it up in approximately 30 to 45 minutes. If desired, you can also watch a step-by-step instructional video right here or call us directly with any questions.

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